We’re delighted to be amassing a great roster of contributing writers, all of whom are sharing their invaluable insights, knowledge, and experience about cultivating the land in their respective growing zones. The ability to share this wisdom from all parts of the globe can help others who are eager to grow food in all different climates and regions, ranging from urban Detroit to rural Tasmania.

Angelina Williamson: Writer, apothecary, and urban homesteader. Tames feral kittens for spiritual growth. Sells natural skin care, remedies, and herbal salts and vinegars at

Detroit-based author C.E. Young (also known as Zig Zag Claybourne) is on a quest for world literary domination or supple book groupies, with a decided preference one over the other.

Kel Flowers likes to ramble—in art, food, thought and forests. She enjoys cultivating old-world skills and violets, and probably has cat hair and sheep fleece stuck to her coat. Kel lives in Southern Tasmania, Australia.